Casey Anthony Photos a Mother who Killed his own daughter - Casey Anthony the mother who allegedly had killed his daughter in a way buried near his parents' house. Selection of judges who will handle this case begins today. The trial attempted murder case was attended many media.

It states that the court receive 600 requests for media credentials were touted as the number that exceed the mandate in the case of OJ Simpson ever experienced.

Judge Perry is proposed to provide the media information about the location of the jury in order to prevent extreme media deal this case, 'if they sign a confidentiality agreement that was challenged in Federal Court with a motion which is then enforced. But the same court also won to keep secret the location of this selection process.

Caylee Anthony Photos
During jury selection, Casey Anthony cried as the defendant who was called by Judge Perry. The case was first received attention when her child Caylee was reported missing in 2008. However, evidence was found that the report was filed by the mother of Casey after nearly a month he did not see Caylee. Furthermore Caylee's body was found buried in the area near the home Casey Anthony's parents in Orlando. Casey was charged with first degree murder and child abuse. Prosecutor calls for death penalty for Casey Anthony. The trial is currently being broadcast live over the Internet.


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