Gene Simmons scandal video - The Gene Simmons s*x tape has become a s*x tape allegedly starring Gene Simmons Kiss star is on the Internet - and it seems that someone is trying to make money out of businesses experienced bassist, er, bang. 

We have not linked to the film because it's very graphic - and it is likely to be offended, do not see in the image on the third floor (right), which is still censorship. 

A website calling itself is running a porno movie trailer and provides access to the full program, plus other hardcore sex movies for a fee. 

"Look at the s*x tape of Gene will not see," he says. 

The clips show a man says he is 59 years, Simmons has sex in various positions with a blonde girl named Elsa. 

Apparently they met when Simmons was conducting advocacy, a spokesman for Frank's energy drink. 

Elsa is reported to work for the beverage company. 

The use of the official website and trailer Simmons and KISS-looking illustrations and logos, plus cut images of the star of his TV appearances, giving an impression to the casual observer that the entire project is approved by him. 

Early reports online today indicate that this is not the case. 

Although the rocker - famous for such hits as suggestive as Dr. Love, Love Gun and Ladies Room - makes no secret of his love of the ladies, or the open nature of his relationship with long-term partner Shannon Tweed, who is said to be fuming over the tape. 

Simmons, who comes from down under next month with Kiss, and Tweed have been a couple since 1985 and are parents to son Nicholas, 19, and Sophie's daughter 15. 

You can now scratch Gene's name off their list of most wanted celebrity s*x tapes right under Mickey Rourke. AVN reports that Gene allegedly made the tape while promoting Frank energy drinks. The woman in the video is not Shannon Tweed, but some models called Elsa. Is a spokesman for Frank. He takes his job very seriously. 

The video is available in There is also a clip on the site. I think what bothers me most is that the use of platform flip flops Elsa. In bad taste! If you are going to make a s*x tape at least be smart about it and wear some Shauna Sand lucite heels. It also seems asleep. I should be asleep or comatose for Gene Simmons hump on me, so do not blame her. 

Shannon is going to be annoying! You're not the only star of the family video sexy.

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