Celine Dion Go Topless Magazine Shoot
Celine Dion Go Topless Magazine Shoot - The singer proves she is something however camera-shy as she takes V into her Everglade State home for a risqué high-fashion image be after the magazine's travel issue (on newsstands Aug. 30). Sporting blunt bangs, the mother of 3 poses topless and in barely-there outfits.

"I'm like this in my reality," Dion, 44, same of the shocking shoot. "I was afraid a trifle bit as a result of this is often therefore totally different on behalf of me, however i am glad I did it. typically there is perpetually a reason after I do a photograph shoot, there is not the chance to travel crazy."

With over two hundred million albums oversubscribed worldwide, 5 Grammys and unnumberable hit records, Dion credits her illustrious career to maintaining a similar persona on and off-stage.

"I've been associate open book all my life and that i assume that is why folks like Maine," she said. "For Maine to inform somebody that my husband [René Angélil] had cancer, that we have a tendency to were troubled to own children, or no matter we've competent, talking regarding my life lets folks recognize the $64000 Maine."

Although she'll still perform in Las Vegas as a part of a three-year residency, the Quebec-born singer's main priority is her family.

"I thought I had a life before, however till i used to be a mummy, I had no plan. Why would i need a hit? Why would i need to win awards? there's nothing I will hope and want for my career: I will simply hope to be blessed as a mother for the remainder of my life the approach i'm currently. that is the solely nomination i need."

Why area unit such a large amount of freaking out? i suppose it’s as a result of people aren't that accustomed Ms. Dion flaunting such associate brazenly sexual image. She told The business executive - “I’m like this in my reality. i used to be afraid a trifle bit as a result of this was therefore totally different on behalf of me, however I’m glad I did it,” same Dion. “Usually there’s perpetually  reason after I do a photograph shoot, there’s not the chance to travel crazy. With this, it absolutely was 2 within the morning and that i was still jumping on the exerciser.”

Okay I’m a reasonably broad-minded guy however what regarding this image together with her legs coated with teddy-beat tights? I’m disturbed. And Celine topless? I don’t recognize. Some things area unit best left to imagination,. or simply left, period.

But you recognize what? If Celine has a mid-life crisis, I say – additional power to her man. select it lady. Take inspiration from Cindy Lauper – women do exactly wanna have a good time therefore have some yourself.

And if which means motility with teddy-bears connected to your legs and pleasure seeker bunny ears, so be it. You had fun? Well that’s the most issue, Your fans within the 450? euphemism they’ll simply got to handle it.
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