Freida Pinto Immortals Hot Scene  - Freida Pinto done some Intimate scene’s within the movie Immortals.The Slumdog Millionaire woman currently select Princess role in her upcoming movie that is an epic movie made by the film manufacturers of ’300′.Frieda done topless and backless scene during this movie.Pinto plays a priestess named Phaedra and features a romantic track opposite Henry Cavill who plays a peasant names Theseus. 

Though the general public can go see this movie for the fight sequences, the romance between Freida Pinto and Henry Cavill’s characters in Immortals is enough to form the feminine audience soften. we have a tendency to sat down with Freida and her different admirer from the film, Stephen Dorff, to urge the inside track on this stunning love story.

We were happy to listen to that she didn’t surrender the products simply yet! Immortals is simply one among four films Freida stars during this year, and together with her recently earned title of ELLE magazine’s Most Promising Young Actress, we've got a sense this can be simply the tip of the iceberg for the starlet.“I had a body double,” said Pinto. “It was some other person who was planning to be extremely nervous rather than me.”

So what will she attempt to do next?

“I’d wish to amendment the sport up slightly,” Freida told SheKnows. “I’ve done the full damsel in distress role. I’d wish to do one thing completely different.”

We’re thinking one thing evil… those smoldering eyes are good for a villainous temptress!

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