Anthony Weiner lewd pictures - Democratic Congressman, Anthony Weiner, acting on Twitter by sending a picture of a very personal part of his body to a girl, who became his followers through the Internet.

Public pressure forced him to confess and members of Congress during the week after he insisted the picture was not refute him. The picture was also sent by people who have nge-cracked his account on Twitter.

Weiner also admitted, wiping tears from his eyes. "The picture is me and I also sent it. I am very sorry for the pain caused by this picture."

He confessed regret that ulahnya it would make his career in the U.S. parliament threatened as well with his marriage. "But we do not going divorce."

Related pictures 'lewd' are, Weiner claims to have sent him to six women who became his friend on Twitter. "We had long been friends."

But he admitted also had never met with the sixth girl.

"This is a destructive act I've ever done," he said again, as reported by, Tuesday.


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