Smallville Series Finale - Lex Luthor is back on the TV series  appear; Smallville. Starring Clark Kent, Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum shows the return on the movie Web, when in the side line of the Comic Con in San Diego on Sunday 25 July occurred.

 It is for Lex at the height of the series  important  says Tom. But Tom reluctant to reveal more information about the return of Lex in the same season zehn clock  last season ; Smallville. Meanwhile, series producer said if they do not get a contract with Michael, but they hope to get it.

Still relevant  Smallville , as this is the last act of the life story of Clark Kent, in the case of the Comic Con show that the history of Clark's recordings from the first episode nine will hold up. No less interesting, the video also appears on pieces from the season 10.

Visible in the video, said Lois (Erica Durance)  Superman  and he sees a box with a red and blue costume Superman opened. As promised, Laura Vandervoort and John Schneider and Kent Supergirl and dad back. Interestingly, producer Brian Peterson promises that Clark will appear with a blue and red costumes.
With only 3 weeks left until the two-hour series finale Smallville, fans have asked what they can agree on when the episode finally aired.

While the news of Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, John Schneider and many other familiar faces probably will not surprise dedicated to Smallville fans, there are plenty of spoilers out there.
Included below are details on the future of Lois u0026amp Clark, Chloe and Oliver which roles it will play and who will be offered in a specific special event. In addition, there is also news about Lex Luthor returns, Lionel latest escapades and the possible meeting between the two great tyrants.

Even though the title of this article states that are already within SPOILER, I would like the fact that many repeat Smallville Series Finale Spoilers below. If you try in the series finale know absolutely nothing about what will happen on the road, I urge you stop reading! and see this one.

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