Watch Mothers Day 2011 megavideo - It is the latest version of the director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II (2005), Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)) over thriller classic titled the same film directed by Charles Kaufman, who was popular when released in 1980, Mother's Day offers quite a lot of scenes of bloody will be able to satisfy fans of this genre films. Unlike the movie-themed movies together with the scenario that tends to monotony, Bousman able to integrate every scene shades of gore in the Mother's Day into the main story, making the presence of a row of these scenes would be an important element in the film and not merely as an exhibition site nuanced scenes of sadism row for the audience.

Mother's Day to tell about the three robbers brothers, Ike (Patrick Flueger), Addley (Warren Kole) and Johnny Koffin (Matt O'Leary), who after a failed bank robbery that took place, and causing Johnny tempak exposed to severe injury, intending to go home to their mother's house. Not unexpectedly, when he got them into the house, they know that the house is no longer owned by the mother. They also arrested the owner of the house the couple, Beth (Jaime King) and Daniel Sohapi (Frank Grillo). Together the two, there are still some friends Beth and Daniel, who was gathered to celebrate the birthday of Daniel.

Although a remake, Mother's Day by Bousman is a work of an entirely different when compared with the controversial work of Kaufman. Bousman seems to only take the soul of Mother's Day by Kaufman to then turn it into a thriller that over the period in modern storytelling. Do not be wrong! Although Bousman eliminate almost all the shades of controversial scenes from the original manuscript Mother's Day by Kaufman in the movie, Bousman is still able to provide its own sense of horror in the script that was done by Scott Milam. Bousman also slipped some of their scenes and dialogue from Kaufman's Mother's Day into a movie which, of course, intended as a tribute to the Kaufman classic thriller.

Mother's Day by Bousman is a horror adventure completely different when compared with the classical works of Kaufman ... in the sense that much better. Unlike the work of Kaufman, Mother's Day by Bousman has a more in-depth characterization of the characters that were presented throughout the telling of this film. These characters have their own problems, that when the story runs, it will trigger some additional sub-plot story that makes Mother's Day by Bousman be a little more complex when compared with the work of Kaufman. And fortunately, Bousman able to execute each problem pretty well. The intensity of the suspense story developed well, with some scenes of them, will be able to make every audience was stunned and holding their breath.

Another advantage of this film is a very strong cast line. No doubt, Bousman require a skilled actress to portray the character of the mother, the main antagonist characters who hold full control of the way the story throughout the film. And Bousman, again, make a smart choice by placing the actress Rebecca De Mornay to portray the character. De Mornay has eyes and body language are so cold that even though without a single dialogue, its presence has been quite able to provide its own sense of horror for other characters.

The presence of De Mornay also capable of acting perfectly balanced with the actress Jaime King. The role of King as Beth, a protagonist, initially had a lot to share with other protagonist. Even so, over the film's story, the characters get Bethy increasingly large portion of the story. Along with that, King is able to show his best acting game. Looks fragile at first, Beth King then able to form a strong character and fight all the terror he faced. De Mornay and the King did appear the most optimal, but Mother's Day has a strong filler acting department so that none of the cast is seen appearing stupid and only used as an offering for a mere gore scenes.

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