Ryan Dunn Photos Accident Update - State Police Liquor Control Enforcement Sgt. William La Torre said Thursday that an investigation, which included interviewing bar employees, patrons, fans and a friend who was with Ryan Dunn Photos Accident Update and his passenger Zachary D. Hartwell that night, revealed Barnaby’s of America did not over serve a visibly intoxicated patron.

Bar surveillance video did not show Ryan Dunn Photos Accident Update to be visibly drunk and interviews with multiple witnesses said at no point did Ryan Dunn Photos Accident Update appear intoxicated, La Torre said.

The bill for the Dunn and his friends matched interviews with the bartender and others with Ryan Dunn Photos Accident Update Sunday night, La Torre said. At the same time, the two beers and six shots served to Dunn did not equate to the 0.196 BAC (twice the legal limit) Ryan Dunn Photos Accident Update had at the time of the crash, La Torre said. Further investigation showed that fans purchased Dunn one beer two additional shots before 2 a.m., La Torre said.

While Ryan Dunn Photos Accident Update accepted some drinks from fans, police said he also declined other offers throughout the night.

The drinks Dunn consumed just before closing time likely “spiked Ryan Dunn Photos Accident Update’s blood alcohol level,” La Torre said.

The drinks from fans hiked Ryan Dunn Photos Accident Update’s total alcohol consumption to three beers and eight shots over roughly four hours, which La Torre said would equate to a BAC of about 0.19 for Dunn’s weight.

La Torre said there are two reasons Ryan Dunn Photos Accident Update likely did not appear visibly intoxicated before leaving to bar. First, according to people who knew him, Ryan Dunn Photos Accident Update had a high tolerance for alcohol, he said. Second, Ryan Dunn Photos Accident Update reportedly did not consume any food while he was drinking.

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