Audrey Tomason A mysterious woman caught on camera come watch house raid operations Osama Bin Laden in the White House. Women are seen among the ministers and other high-ranking White House.

The brown-haired woman in the back row of high-ranking White House. The mystery woman was seen peering. Thus was launched the, Friday (6 / 5).

In addition to Hillary Clinton she is the only woman in the room. One of the things that theoddity is that women aged under 40 years old and became the youngest.

From the information collected, the woman named Audrey Tomason. Surprisingly, U.S. officials refused to say who he is or why he was there.

The experts and analysts predict a spy, this woman is most likely upper-class spy.

White House Situation

The photo has been seen on front pages around the world: President Obama in the White House Situation Room watching the Osama bin Laden raid with the most recognizable faces in American government and counterterrorism.
Except one.
Audrey Tomason

Who's the woman peeking her head from the back? A White House caption for the photo identifies her as Audrey Tomason with title "Director for Counterterrorism." But in a room full of oft-cited and quoted people, there's fleetingly little published information about who she is or what she does for the administration.
The presence of Tomason is notable for a few reasons. Next to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she's the only other woman pictured in the testosterone-filled room. And she appears to be the only person under 40. But what matters most is that she is standing just a few feet from the president, who is otherwise surrounded by his closest advisers, as they watch one of the country's highest-stakes operations in decades as it occurs in real time.
When The Daily Beast asked the White House press office about Tomason, an official said she worked with the National Security Council, a White House agency closely involved with the intelligence that led to bin Laden. The official intimated that the White House generally doesn't discuss personnel at any of the government's covert or intelligence agencies. Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the NSC, confirmed she worked with the agency. When asked why she had never been identified or mentioned before, Vietor responded "Well, we've never killed bin Laden before."

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