Latest news about the Cancellation of wedding Playboy boss Hugh Hefner, which was held last Saturday should still lead to some unpleasant news. After Hefner is rumored to have two twin girls Crystal Harris's replacement, now turn to the blonde girl who is rumored to have replacement Hefner, a man who certainly much younger!

Interestingly, the man touted as the 'shoulder back' Crystal Harris after she decided to dump 85-year-old fiance is the son of Dr.. Phil, a famous celebrity doctor. In fact, Jordan McGraw, the man, also reportedly gave Crystal Harris a place to stay since he moved out of the Playboy Mansion.

Hearing this news, Hefner's ex-fiance who closed to within 60 years of age was immediately rebuffed. Crystal Harris stated that the relationship is an exciting limited professional relationship with Jordan. Jordan describes as a figure who helped him work on his new album projects.

Harris also stated that the news he was staying with Jordan is not true. During the past year, their relationship is limited to working on songs together. Criystal Harris and Jordan had just met at a recording studio.
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