The tradition of  April Fool's

April Fool's Joke that sometimes cause headaches, with many versions. April Fool's  also associated with the  the arrival of spring in the Roman and Celtic, who cares August festival misconduct. Although the first mention of the word of the Innocents Day was born in Europe in the Middle Ages.

Some of the features associated with April Fool's , April Fool's also is associated with Roman mythology, which clearly says  the story of Ceres, the god of harvest and prosperity, and her daughter Persephone.

God of death and led to Pluto abducted Persephone to live with him in hell. Girl still  call her mother, Ceres, but no one can hear the reflection of his daughter and search in vain.

Wild Goose stupid behavior becomes very popular in Europe comes after several centuries.

Most theories  Pescado Original , April Fool's involves changes in  the old Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, which is finally used in the second half of the 16.

Julian calendar, New Year is celebrated from March to April 1925 . However, according to the Gregorian calendar, New Year was moved to January 1.

For those who do not realize the change and stubbornly cling to tradition, and booed and laughed among themselves about the new version this year.

In France, the fans of fun things that model still held its old habits, with the name of  Poisson d  April or April Fool's , . But this theory can not explain why the tradition of the fun things that spread in other European countries n  that have not adopted the Gregorian calendar of today.

In Scotland, a nickname for April Fool's is known as Gokwe, another name for the cuckoo. L  sign me back home can also be assigned to the supervision of the Scottish nation at the time.

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