Bali bombing suspect, Umar Patek  arrested in Pakistan 

Umar Patek is  one of Indonesia  top terrorist suspects, wanted in connection with  Bali bombing 2002, was captured in Pakistan, reports say.

Umar Patek, a suspected member of the militant group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), was arrested earlier this year, intelligence sources say local and foreign.

Jakarta is  sending  a team of police to confirm his identity.

In 2002, attacks against nightclubs on the Indonesian resort left 202 people, including many foreigners.

U.S. citizens who have lost seven in  attack was to  offering a reward of one million dollars (£ 625,000) for his arrest.

All the  Bali bombing, he is alleged to have been involved in at least three other attacks in Indonesia - and having links with militant groups in the southern Philippines and the  al-Qaida in d  other parts of  Asia, our correspondent says.

N It  are no details on where and how  arrest was made, or what  he made in Pakistan.

Patek,    said Sidney, as well as people who can give an explanation of how whose strategy of terrorist networks in Indonesia and Southeast Asia to connect with international networks. This includes network agents in terrorist acts, particularly in Indonesia.

Patek can also provide information on the  Indonesia, there are still those in Pakistan or Afghanistan. Important information can be obtained from Patek is how to connect the terrorist network in Southeast Asia, until  to cross borders between countries, for example, the  Indonesia to the Philippines.

 Although we do not yet know exactly which group he was arrested in Pakistan. We need to get more  information, it  is that  he was in Pakistan,    said Sidney, who is an expert on terrorism in the United States.

Earlier, Umar Patek are also cited related terrorist camps in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

 on the facts, it was the  coach, too,  , said the head of the Criminal Division of the Police Commissioner-General Ito Sumardi Latgab after the close of the TNI-Terror Police response March 15, 2010.  that everyone could have been. 

But Sidney said he did not know if there are links with Umar Patek had camps  training in Aceh. Sidney has also claimed not to know s  there was a relationship with Abu Bakar Baasyir, who is now responsible for funding camps  training in Aceh.

:" I do not know if there is a possibility. It , is the big question, is there a relationship with a third Indonesian Patek,  while that  in Pakistan  ", Sydney Said.

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