Houdini As usual, the Google logo Change to the appearance of the search for all events that are or will be, all other important and historic day. Google logo this time it was one of the greatest magicians in the United States of America

Harry Houdini was born Erik Weisz (later he signed his name to Ehrich Weiss was born) in Budapest, Hungary, 24 March 1874 [1] From 1907 forward, however, claimed that Houdini in interviews, that I was born in Appleton. , Rio de Janeiro, 6 April 1874th
His parents, Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weiss (1829-1892) and his wife Cecilia (nee Steiner, 1841 until 1813). Houdini was one of seven children of M. Hermann (1863-1885), Nathan J. (1870-1927), Gottfried Wilhelm (1872-1925), Theodore  Theo  (1876-1945), D. Leopold (1879-1962) and Gladys Carrie (b. 1882, death unknown).

Houdini certain size.

1. Mirror clamp Official Challenge

are Goldstone states there is no evidence, and some experts have evidence of modern biography (which is in the terminal itself), designed the challenge for this Mirrors of Houdini and the newspaper, and the long struggle was to escape the sheer power. To this end, it paid with silver metallic replica Mirror in honor of Houdini escape actually incurred in recent years was found handcuffed, took the event (the , The Secret Life of Houdini ).

2. Evaporated milk

IMHO (in my estimation Houdini)
Well, there are many other atraction of Houdini, got wonder that a legend in the world of magic.
I am very grateful for his effort  (Although the pros and cons, which are accepted  Cheat  because they recognize, Houdini never got  mystery  own)
But such comparisons to the man  Cheat , long time (although I do not know what clever Houdini hold, and wanted to play taking seriously who are creative or not).
Something like that, sometimes I think that the person is a person of trust worthy in terms of appearance, education, training, personality traits, but who would have thought very few people can their environment have meaning and it seems less done to others (whether intentionally or deliberately ga) sometimes suffer in life.
If common sense measurement imperfect people who want to try something out, only 10% of people in the world that are outside the zone, so imagine a human life is in comfort survive only 10%, sometimes with dizziness and will not participate in the round of life is very unpredictable and useless !!!!!!!

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