Hoang Le Bao Tran

No 13-year-old Vietnamese - Vietnamese Name: Le Hoang Tran Bao / Li Huang Baozhen
English name: Jenny
Chinese Name: BoA (friends call her, no 13 year old Vietnamese)
Height: 172cm
Dimensions: 82 -58 to 88
Birthday: May 12 March 1998, was born in Ho Chi Minh City
Nationality: Vietnam
School: Unity High School
Occupation: student (now first)
Contract Model
Fees: Vietnamese Youth model competition winner
Approval of online games,  Happy Drunk

No 13-year-old Vietnamese - Vietnamese BoA13 year were women, Hoang Le Bao Tran economic center of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam as a noble family of one of the top ten for you to Ho Chi Minh City, was a strong influence on policy and economy. Why live in the sun community Hoang Le Bao Tran, the youth in the hands of Hoang Le Bao Tran, enjoy the best education.
Hoang Le Bao Tran got a good education, both for body and soul, or body of the same age quite well.  Show  her life much more interesting , it says, has always believed in the idea if see the body, and no rich people in the eyes of the shadow of the second generation, only a bright, crisp Vietnamese girl. Hoang Le Bao Tran is a 13-year-old landed a slim, 172cm high growth and crown of a young model contest winner in Vietnam, a popular 12-year Vietnam Vietnam.

After this, Vietnam signed Hoang Le Bao Tran broker, the man kk  s economic package, it tries to find out that Vietnam is a larger room for development. An informed source revealed that in September 2010, Imperial Agent contacted by a Chinese game company.

In mid-November 2010, won a group of photos directly from a super-soft state of the network quickly in the red, not 13 year old Vietnamese sweet innocent smile Hoang Le Bao Tran form and hearts of countless friends. Related to speculate that Hoang Le Bao Tran  is sudden popularity of the approval of the new tour with a hint of the future are closely linked.

You see, this is the breasts, legs, waist, this, this is my ass, that  s really 12 years? Makes me want to commit a crime - to be honest, if you press [him] all bold, you would be committing a crime, [acting indecently towards] WX underage girl (Loli), and I guarantee you 'll be 10 years... and though he was, who voluntarily moved to [you] that you have all the crime...

Born in 1998, only 12 years old, beautiful young Vietnamese Hoang Le Bao Tran ( Le Hoang Tran BO), 1.72 m high, looks sweet, a champion of the Vietnamese  young model contest, and what's more, this time the signature model of a modeling agency.

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