Video Osama is not dead - it  sa very shocking news that Osama bin Laden is not dead, I got the news from a friend.

Here is the video

And what happens after the check indicates that this is a movie review, like Osama bin Laden. Hahaha I was wrong.

Movie Media Walwater  "Tere Bin Laden"  (, "Without You, Bin Laden" ), telling stories around a TV journalist who seeks to obtain a residence permit in the U.S..

The journalist, who is of Pakistani singer Ali Zafar, a video for people like Osama, who quickly circulates  online  (network), and try to enter the United States States.

, all Council members, who see the film, and the majority decided that the film was not suitable for transporting , She , said Masood, Vice President of the Pakistan Censor Board (CBP) before the ban comes into force. Failure to give further details.

It  s 57 members, composed of community members and media representatives and religious leaders.

Mandviwali said the ban would be generated by various interest groups trying to ban say that any movie containing the object.

Initially there were plans for the film, the film has escaped the ban, to fight for the title , Tere Bin  ( Without You ), the cause of sensitivity around the driver  name of Al Qaeda.

Islamic militants linked to Al Qaeda tried to overthrow the democratic civilian government in Pakistan - a conservative Muslim country - and apply the law with your hard-Taliban Afghanistan. She thousands of people killed in bombings and suicide attacks against minorities, markets, churches, security forces and Western targets.

Afghan Taliban and al-Qaeda fled to the border areas of Pakistan after the US-led forces turned the Taliban government in Afghanistan after the attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington, the United States.

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