Princess Katherine Perfume
Princess Katherine Perfume - Not only the wedding dress that Kate Middleton on the attention of fashion, but the perfume was wearing was predicted to direct interest and demand in the market.

So, what brand of perfume worn The Dutchess?

As reported by  Daily Mail , according to the perfume blogger, name and surname of the owner Cathy Middleton was dressed in a white petals Gardenia by Fantasy Warrior, less well-known brands in Britain.

Princess Katherine Perfume -  coconut scent also evokes the beach, ylang-ylang and jasmine bring a white flower fragrances in perfumes. Amber Wood gives a little bit different flowers and flash

Explanation of the company's website describes the scent the price is 70 pounds or 989 thousand rupah's is a smell coming from  smell of white vase, which vibrates in the air when a window is open, it is a delicate aroma and very polished of Princess Katherine Perfume

If it comes to choosing their labels for a special day of Kate Middleton, a spokeswoman for Fantasy Warrior Michael Donovan said: , I'm very proud of. Princess Katherine Perfume

This is a description of what is called a wonderful scent, slightly floral aroma note, even if it became popular around the world.

White Gardenia petals in the price of 70 pounds (989 thousand rupiah's) for the size 50 ml bottle at Harrods. In addition, the perfume is also available through pre-orders in the U.S. with price $ 140 or  1, 2 million rupiah's at

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