Sheen is on Desert Island Disc - Imagine a rope on a small island and there is no need to save for a very long time, maybe forever. But I also imagine that the goal can still use 8 pieces, or music to accompany their song of solitude on the island. Well, the music I choose? I feel like I  is not true for a bad choice, no? More likely, the songs you like best leave the memories alone or as the most memorable for you.

Sheen is on Desert Island Disc - This is the basic idea of a program called Desert u200ba Iceland discs (DID), which was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 The idea is very simple, but differs from this simple idea was still popular and will be held in the state since 1942, exactly 29 January 1942. This simple idea is simply to show that he does it in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest in the history of recorded music, radio on this earth.

Sheen is on Desert Island Disc - Simple. That was the key to the success of this program. He really has shown that an invited guest profile event special. But instead of talking much about his biography, he guest mmebayangkan stop on a deserted island demand. Therefore, guests will be invited to decide (or sometimes even convince yourself) 8 songs or musical compositions that bring if stranded on a desert island. Customers are invited to explain why he chose eight songs, one after another, and later played on air. Interestingly, instead of talking about music, the listener will be taken to continue living in the host country. Not all episodes of our lives are often characterized by the presence of a song that has special meaning for us personally invented? I call this life  following the band.

Sheen is on Desert Island Disc - Well, plus eight tracks, visitors also very luxurious, practical and not a book on a desert island must make a choice. (For some reason the island was founded and that the Bible or other writings and works of William Shakespeare. Perhaps because it is assumed that many people choose the second object). They were also asked to say the reason for choosing these two bodies. Again, almost always interesting stories client  choice, her life is connected.

Sheen is on Desert Island Disc - For the first time, he knew about the incident in the Memorandum of events related in the biography of Stephen Hawking. Yes, it was a famous physicist who was invited in the desert plates Iceland. Most guests enjoy world-famous personalities of famous actors, politicians and religious leaders. 5 Even British Prime Minister of Iceland Desert Drives guests.
Iceland Desert units was developed and manufactured by Roy Plomley. After the death of Plomley in 1985, the event was Michael Parkinson were owned and maintained by Sue Lawley is still the measure of acceptance.

Sheen is on Desert Island Disc - This event is very popular in England, as it a jesli want to insert the word  discs Desert Iceland ; on Google or Yahoo or other search engines are the chances   ; will find many places around the choice of music discs contained Desert Iceland.

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