Genevieve Sabourin photos - Genevieve Sabourin, a 40-year-old actress from Montreal, Quebec, has been arrested for her alleged aggravated harassment and stalking of Alec Baldwin. After repeated warnings to go away the actor alone, Police say she showed up at his home and "made" unwanted contact with the thirty Rock star once more.

The one-sided relationship began within the style of romantic emails and text messages, also as requests for monetary facilitate ... then got even weirder.

On March thirty one, 2012, the 54-year-old actor filed a political candidate criticism against her when Sabourin showed up at his home in East Hampton, Long Island.

Days later, she trailed Baldwin at an incident and was finally apprehended when attempting to access his Manhattan home via the doorman. That worked well.

We understand she is also jealous that Alec got engaged to Halaria Thomas and every one, however seriously. Cool it. Chill out. and do not mess with Jack Donaghy.

Genevieve Sabourin, 40, could be a Canadian actress. She worked on the 2002 Pluto Nash film with Baldwin. however as Baldwin was asserting his engagement to Thomas, Sabourin was allegedly flying from Montreal to New York’s Hamptons to proclaim her love for Baldwin. She then allegedly visited see him at a Lincoln Center days later in Manhattan; there she announced that she, not Thomas, was to marry Baldwin.

Genevieve Sabourin is due back in court on could fourteen. She features a temporary order upon her to remain removed from Baldwin and not contact him via email or text messaging till that hearing date. Baldwin told the court that he suffered “anxiety, annoyance and fear” for having the forty year previous pursue him.
Baldwin’s attorneys released Genevieve Sabourin’s email correspondences. She wrote “I ought to begin my new life with my new name and with my carried in my new country. facilitate my newly husband, you.” She wished to become Genevieve Baldwin. She wrote “I’m existed this portion of the method, making Genevieve Sabourin and find all of what i would like is that the better part.”

In Pluto Nash, Genevieve Sabourin wasn’t an actress. Rather, she was the unit publicist. Baldwin had a cameo role. Her notable film credit was in Tom Sizemore’s “Swindle”.

She conjointly wrote to Baldwin “I hope I did adequate last night for all of your efforts. I hope I failed to ruin everything by my lack of freedom and passive actions. I hate myself for being thus passive.” She added “But i'm exhausted and that i don’t apprehend what else to try to to then shield myself. i'm terribly weak currently and vulnerable. And so, I played defensive rather than going for it. I am sorry, I failed to currently.”

In another email she wrote Baldwin  “There are terribly crucial important things i want here and these days i would like you to be the one giving them to me. i want to examine you currently.”

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