Donald Trumph - Donald Trump, John
Queens, New York, USA, June 14, 1946

Donald Trump and the famous John Donald Trump in name only, is a company with television, Casino and destroy true. He worked as a CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Number of companies that are included in the Trump Organization.
the success of reality show The Apprentice ,Trump

as a director, who is a software Excetive Success. Moreover, it is also known as the owner of Miss Universe
Organization of National Broadcasting Company (NBC), as organizersand the license owner beauty contest in the world.

Trump is also the brand of products, including Donald, Trump Man Collection (clothing), Donald Trump, the Fragrance (2004), Trump Of bottled water ice (frozen),  Trump Vodka (alkoholic drink), Trump Magazine
(Preview) Trump golf (company), Trump University (High Business Training), Trump The Game (1989 game) and Trump steaks. By The company, which was recorded in the big business in the U.S. in various Field.
In the course of its business, experience in 1990, Trump had Bankrupt, is unable to pay its debts home company called Taj Mahal Casino. This is due to the recession The economy and the growing share of bank loans.

In his personal life, Trump wedding Zelnickova Ivan (b. 1949) in 1977. His marriage Ivana has three children, namely, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. However in 1992  they divorced.

In 1993 Trump married Marla Maples again. From  marriage has a son who was given the name, Tiffany. 
Follow  their divorce on 8 June 1999. And next, he married Melanija Kanvs,  the proposed on April 26, 2004, then married her on January 22, 2005  in Bethesda, Palm Beach, Florida. From the marriage they had a child, Barron William Trump was born on March 20, 2006. 

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