Scarlett Johansson Hacked Pictures - Scarlett Johansson has currently been confirmed because the latest high profile victim of phone hacking, and also the FBI is concerned in tracking the crime. Nude photos of Johansson were posted on-line on Wednesday, however it's unclear if any of the photos are still offered on the net. it is a safe bet that they're. Ultimately, however, one needs to surprise simply how huge of a deal this very is. After all, Ms. Johansson is widely thought of to be one in every of the foremost engaging feminine actors within the world. So, it's safe to assume that she appearance smart naked.

It would be one issue if she had filmed herself within the midst of pornographic acts or if she was doing one thing illegal whereas she was undress. however simply having footage of her undress go public? Seriously, what is the huge deal? most girls - and men - would kill for Johansson's body, that the proven fact that it's currently publicly offered within the nude very should not matter an excessive amount of. It's solely embarrassing from the standpoint of some dated and puritanical viewpoints, that are hardly relevant in 2011.

Americans are still titillated with the concept that a "famous" person may be seen undress. several mainstream films contain nudity that's far more illicit than the telephone pictures that are hacked from celebrities. however it's laborious to underneath estimate the ability of the voyeuristic draw that pulls such a large amount of people in. it is the underlying driver of the recognition of Facebook, thus we've already established that it is a major social force in our connected world. 

The 26-year-old Lost In Translation star, who has never appeared absolutely hot in her movies, has been left humiliated when the specific footage were printed on an internet site yesterday.
The FBI has, meanwhile, been known as in to research how the non-public pictures were hacked from her mobile - and it emerged nowadays that it's closing in on the suspected hacker.
Law enforcement sources told TMZ authorities are 'honing in' on the criminal gang, with the identity of 1 of the ringleaders known to the FBI.
Johansson is that the latest victim of the phone-hacking ring thought to be liable for stealing undress photos and videos from a minimum of fifty feminine Hollywood celebrities.
Johansson's lawyer nowadays issued an announcement creating it clear that his consumer took the specific footage.
One of the pictures shows her posing seductively along with her fill up, whereas during another her clean behind is visible in a mirror.
The photographs show wallpaper within the background that matches the look in previously seen footage from within her bedroom in l.  a.  .
While elements of her body are exposed for her movie roles, she has never before been seen utterly undress.
'The highly personal and personal pictures at issue capture our consumer self-posing in her house during a state of undress and/or topless,' the statement, from lawyer Marty Singer, read.
He additionally threatened to sue any media outlet that publishes the photographs underneath copyright laws - the actual fact that Johansson holds the rights confirms that she took the photographs which they're authentic.
Authorities additionally nowadays confirmed it's wanting into the case.

'The FBI is investigating someone or cluster liable for a series of cyber intrusions of high-profile figures,' FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.

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