Paula Abdul on X-Factor - Two former judges  American Idol  meet, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell as a judge again in the show  The X Factor.

How AP quoted Paula has broadcast a contract with one of the judges in the show on Fox television signed. Paul also expressed his enthusiasm can juror and meet again Simon.

, I am happy and can not be said with words have become part   The X Factor ;. I am also very glad and thankful sitting next to Simon again  ; said Paula.

Prior to that, the TV stations and producers of the show ; The X Factor ; Paula's secret involvement in their events take place before the shooting. But Paula was finally during the first shooting event on Sunday, 8 May 2011.

Wearing a purple dress and matching shoes appeared, Paula on the location of the audition  The X Factor , at the University of Southern California. At that time seemed to give hugs Paula Simon.
This show is never be the same without Paula and I do not say bercaya: I miss her and I'm glad that she's [Paula]  this event , says Simon.

In the show  American Idol , Paula and Simon are often different opinions about the appearance of the candidate. Separate color in action in the event that the 10th has completed this season. However, in 2009. Paula left  American Idol  by contractual issues.

During the filming  ; The X Factor ; progress, Paula and Simon immediately visible compact. But Paula still dare disagree with the current even though he  Cowell as executive producer of the show ; The X Factor served

However, the security of this message is not officially on Fox, the television penyelanggara case until the first episode is broadcast on Sunday night confirmed. Meanwhile, the representatives of Paula Abdul has not responded to requests for comment about it.

The plan is Abdullah in a chair the jury sitting in the show taping in Los Angeles, the first jury meeting  for themselves; The X Factor. This will also stop a reunion event for both, according to Cowell and Abdul, a jury  Arena Talent ; American Idol. So far could give the name of Cheryl Cole and Antonio Reid jury as a candidate with Cowell.

 The X Factor , the U.S. version will also be presenters such as Steve Jones and singer Nicole Scherzinger, former lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls animated viokal. The event is open to soloists and vocal groups at the age of 12 years and older. The winners will also receive a recording contract with a value of $ 5,000,000

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