Davy Jones Locker  Make the Pirate of Caribbean movie fans maybe familiar with terms like Kraken, Davy Jones' Locker, until the ship The Flying Dutchman. All of these things are myths about pirates, such as treasure, or the rules and their punishment. But, you know hell that these terms were not created by the filmmakers, but it is derived from legends and myth is surrounding the pirates were.
What myth ? ... this movie title selection was not random. Originally the pirates of the Caribbean islands are very famous as their repression. They are indeed real there and master the waters of the western world from the 16th century and ended in 1720, when western countries are hunting them to form colonies. Bleak future that was referred to as  The Golden Age of Piracy.  

Karibia be the place where the "vibrant" with the pirates, because there are ports that do not have rules like Port Royal, Jamaica, and Tortuga. These places are used as a gathering place for the pirates to take cover, or simply gather before heading back to sea. Interestingly,although the pirates are identical with the ferocity and brutality, most of them originated from sailors who deserted the government.
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