Celine Dion - Celine Dion began in a rural village called Brazil French Charlemagne, Quebec. O is the youngest of 14 children in a family of musicians. The family-owned small local club, and over the weekend, the whole family entertained the local population. Celine was only five when he started acting before an audience. At the age of twelve, young talent, he wrote a French song to her brother and mother, which forever changed my life.

That  and when Rene Angelil (her current husband), and in compliance talent agent, heard the song, and he sees a bright future for the young singer. In January 1981 Rene really surprised at the sound of Celine and decided to mortgage his house to finance her debut album.

The steak of recognition started in 1982 when he won the gold medal at the Yamaha World Song Festival in Tokyo, as well as the coveted Musician Top Performer. In 1983, Celia was the first Brazilian to receive a Gold Record in France.

Celia was a great success in his own province of Quebec, where he received numerous awards and platinum records Felix accumulate a lot. During the year 1988, also won the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, Ireland, where a live audience of 600 million TVs in Europe.

Celia was known throughout the world, and when I picked up the song from the soundtrack of the Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast was a huge American market. The song quickly climbed to the number of maps, and won two Oscars and a Grammy. The album, a second language, English, known as the Celine Dion produced four singles and the album was certified platinum six times in Canada, where the road a number of Juno Awards, the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy  s.

At that time Celine became extremely popular in the United Kingdom, the song Think Twice, which is still the first in the lists of the British charts for five consecutive weeks. This is a huge achievement, as the Beatles, the benchmark in 1965. Celine became the fourth female artist sold millions of singles in the UK. She even introduced French music to the British charts, like the music D eux caught the world by storm, and let the world know.

One of the greatest musical sounds, Celia traveled almost all obstacles and conquered the world in an exciting series of international hits. He spent all his time and efforts of the tour, television shows, receiving awards and participation in special events. However, Celine still has time for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in memory of her niece, Karine, who died of the disease support.

The success does not stop there. In 1996, Falling Into You became the biggest selling album of the year in which the charts in 11 countries, was named Album of the Year and Best Pop Album Grammy in 1939. Today, the album achieved a turnover of more than 25 million copies worldwide. In his next album, Let  talk about love, the folk songs recorded by other great singer, songwriter and producer. He also appeared on the soundtrack of the movie Titanic, which is an unprecedented success. The most popular song was still my home, written by James Horner produced by James Warner and Walter Afanasieff. The Titanic soundtrack sold more than 27 million copies worldwide and became the biggest selling soundtrack in history, a record. The song also pocketed an Oscar for best original song, the second Oscar for a song sung by Céline.

Celine recorded many albums, ranging from the special moments of the sixteen holiday songs, an album of greatest success, including the hit single, the power of love, and a collection of seven new songs. These songs struck gold once again and Celine was named the first modern pop singers of the nineties, and has become an international star status. Recently married his long time agent for a luxury hotel in Las Vegas, and decided that a u200b u200b u200b u200b u200b u200bjaar spend some time with Rene and family network.

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